Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services



At A.J. Dell’Omo we offer a wide range of paralegal services for your business or personal lives.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of Contracts of Sale and Amendments/Addendums thereto (When Applicable)
  • Ordering of Title Insurance
  • Ordering and Review of Survey
  • Ordering of Home Owners’ Insurance Policy
  • Review of Title Binders
  • Preparation of Notice of Settlement
  • Preparation of Affidavits of Title
  • Preparation of Closing Statement
  • Preparation of Deed
  • Preparation of 1099 Tax Filing Form
  • Attendance at Closing
  • Post Closing Package to Financial Institution
  • Post Closing Letters to all Pertinent Parties
  • All Telephone and/or written Correspondence to Banks, Clients, Sellers, Municipalities, Etc.
  • Handling of any and all other Mortgage Related Documents
  • Retrieval of Title and Loan Policies

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Gianna Dell’Omo

VP of Finance/Real Estate Paralegal

(732) 263-5000